Across our school we seek to emphasise positive social behaviour which fosters the development of self-discipline.

Our Christian Vision and Values are reflected within in our policies. Within our behaviour policy we seek to find the cause of the behaviour by listening to and talking through the incident by using restorative conversations. Within this we look at feelings and how we can learn strategies to cope with these feelings. This is reflected in the story from Matthew about building strong foundation to enable pupils to flourish. 

Self-discipline is about learning acceptable codes of behaviour within the school community.

We want to make sure that all our children:

  • are aware that there are reasons for behaving in one way rather than another
  • understand that the wellbeing of the community as a whole is directly affected by the actions of the individual
  • recognise that there are consequences for all actions, both positive and negative

Children need boundaries or expectations so that by knowing what is acceptable they are secure within the school community. 

Our responsibility will be to ensure that children from the school adhere to the principles detailed in our policy which will apply when:

  • they are within the school boundaries
  • under school control on outside trips
  • they are not on the premises of the school and under the lawful control of a member of staff but are identifiable as pupils of our school

We aim to make use of both rewards and sanctions and establish a climate where praise and encouragement outweigh the frequency of punishment and admonition.

Parental responsibility 

Behaviour of the children before 9:00am and after 3.15pm is the responsibility of their parent even if they are still on school grounds.

The care of the children is handed from parent to school at 8.55am and back again at 3.15pm.

The only exception to this is if the child is attending a before school or after school extra-curricular activity.

The school will upon request support parents in discussing incidents of poor behaviour that occurred out of school hours but within school grounds.

Key information

​We seek to emphasise positive social behaviour which fosters the development of self-discipline.

We aim to make use of both rewards and sanctions:

  • Rewards are used to demonstrate that good behaviour is valued by the whole school community and to encourage similar behaviour in others.
  • Sanctions are used to register the disapproval of unacceptable behaviour and to protect the security and stability of the school community. In most cases, sanctions are applied to individuals, not groups.

Bullying of any form is not tolerated.