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As part of the ASPIRE Federation, we aim to be an outstanding school at the heart of our culturally diverse communities. Across the school, we strive for excellence, enabling our children to achieve their highest potential in all areas of the curriculum.


We are passionate about our school and about bringing out the best in the pupils as well as the staff.

Through our dedicated team of teachers and support staff, we provide the children with as many opportunities as possible to learn in a fun and exciting way. Our pupils are equipped with the skills they need to make good progress through their primary education so they can confidently make the transition to secondary school.

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Here are a few comments about being part of Leeds and Broomfield

Phoebe; “The school is really nice and the teachers have told us that we can always come and talk to them if something is wrong. I’ve made friends with Lacey and Rebecca.”

Daniel; “It’s a really easy school to fit into and make friends. The people are really nice. My new friends are Tom, Ben and Tommy.”

Premier Sport Football 2022 ‘ The children at Leeds and Broomfield are always polite, listen, follow all instructions and are fully engaged in all that I teach them. It is a great school to be part of’.


Our school

Learn more about our school:

  • understand our ethos
  • view our latest inspection and performance reports
  • meet our staff and Governors
  • how we fulfil the values of being a Church of England school
  • and more


Useful information for parents:

  • our school day and classes
  • our school uniform
  • term dates
  • read our letters home
  • support the Friends of Leeds & Broomfield School Association
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Our policies

Read and understand our policies:

  • admissions to our school
  • attendance and punctuality
  • school behaviour
  • how to make complaints and compliments to the school
  • safeguarding and child protection
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We are a Good school!

When Ofsted last visited our school, we were rated as Good across all areas.