Our learning

We aim to foster a life-long love of learning, through adopting a curriculum which inspires and excites our children.

Alongside our extra curriculum activities, we aim to give every child a rich and holistic primary experience.

We value the importance of teaching children the knowledge, understanding and skills to become healthy, happy individuals who can form positive relationships and keep themselves and others safe. 

Our British Values are strongly celebrated through displays in all classrooms and public areas and we have class books showing the learning and development in children’s understanding and application of these values.

We welcome everyone to our school that celebrates the similarities that unite us and the differences which enrich us.

School Council – Meet at least every term

Small Change – Big difference

Mon 28th March – Whole School took part in decorating and eating a cake or biscuit, litter pick in the local area and a water run.


The secretary writes the school council minutes  – below are photos of the minutes. 

School Council Chosen Charities 2021 - 2022

We help anyone, anywhere in the UK and around the world, get the support they need if crisis strikes.

We were the first to introduce a law to protect animals and work hard to ensure that all animals can live free from pain and suffering. Through our campaigns we raise standards of care, and awareness of issues, affecting animals today.

School Council Chosen Charities 2021 - 2022

We’re here for the long haul

  • We’ll deliver lasting solutions, not short-term fixes. That means we won’t necessarily choose the cheapest option and we’ll always invest time in making the right decisions with, not for, a community.

  • We’ll tackle the cause as well as the effects of dirty water, so that the impact of your support is felt far and wide beyond the project work it funds.

The Down’s Syndrome Association supports people who have Down’s syndrome, and their parents and carers, throughout their lives. From before birth into older age, the DSA provides services to everyone.