FOLSA (Friends of Leeds School Association) is our parent and staff group.

They raise funds, organise events and trips and support the school in a broad variety of ways. Successes have included school fairs, discos, raffles, afternoon tea/coffee-get-togethers and delicious cake sales.

Leavers Hoodies

Our current year 6’s have received their leavers hoodies,
paid for by parents and Folsa. It will be great for the children to have the
opportunity to wear the hoodies over the course of the year. They had their
first outing in them on the Sponsored Walk to Leeds Castle.

Next Events:

Non Uniform Day – 23rd October for gifts towards the Christmas Raffle 2020.

Message from Chair of FOLSA – Tiffany

Future Fundraising

While we are currently in strange times and our usual fundraising events can’t take place we are looking for ways to adapt. We will be having a Christmas Raffle for which we will have a Non Uniform Day to collect hamper prizes. The children are also doing artwork for a school tea towel. All funds raised from these two events will be used to purchase new books for the school. If like me you are on your second child learning to read, Biff & Chip won’t be purchased, other books that fit with the phonics reading method will be bought.

If anyone has any ideas or would be interested to join Folsa please let me speak to Tiffany Rookledge or email

Get in touch with FOLSA

The current Chair of FOLSA is Tiffany Rookledge who can often be found in the school playground after school.

Vice Chair – Zoe

Treasurer – Richard 

Please speak to her if you would like to get involved in this active group.

Alternatively, you can message FOLSA on Facebook. 

(Please click on the word FOLSA above to access link.)

The school highly values the support and funds raised by FOLSA which helps provide our pupils with fantastic opportunities, resources, events and trips across the year.


A big thank you to the parents who have helped with Joes Playground and Jubilee Garden. It has transformed into a lovely, colourful area for the children to enjoy. We just need to complete the turrets of the slide when we have a Saturday clear of rain. We have used quite a lot of our fundraising money on putting new bark down in the playground. We successfully applied for the Tesco Bags of Help grant which we have put towards the outside area and we also purchased the magnetic whiteboard that can be seen round the side of the school.  


The playground is named after a former pupil of Leeds and Broomfield, Joe who passed away in 1997, aged 7. The Folsa group at the time fundraised to build the playground in Joe’s memory. We were joined by Joe’s mum and brother recently to mark what have been Joes 30th Birthday. Joe’s mum, Jackie was extremely grateful to see the playground had been painted so colourfully and the children enjoying the play area, while continuing Joe’s memory.