Our classes

Our pupils enjoy our close school community currently working in mixed year groups across the following classes:

Thank you for all the lovely ‘Acts of Kindness’. Pupils have been showing kindness and empathy to each other and also to all the adults within the school – sending each other hearts with a positive message.

Forest School

Pupil Voice ‘ Amazing’, ‘Best day ever!’, ‘Fantastic’, ‘Loved it – I lit a fire. Learnt so many new skills’. 

‘I loved jumping in muddy puddles!’

Cultural Afternoon

Cultural Afternoon

Cultural Afternoon


Reception, Year 1

May 22 – YrR/1

Joseph’s dreamcoat

YrR Independent writing Have been making puppets



London’s Burning

January 2022 – Writing Competition


October 2021 – Harvest

May 2021

Blake showing pride in his work.

Collaborative working to create a treasure map for Bee- bot. 

April 2021 – Pirate Day


March 2021

HH have been enjoying creating and exploring their new role play areas.

Farm Shop outside.

Police Station inside

The children have been writing stories and painting the Tiger from the book ‘The tiger who came to tea’.



Years 2, 3 

Persuasive writing

May 22 – They have been learning about the skeleton and Medusa.

October 2021 – AOW  – Showing respect and kindness


June 2021 Climate Day Litter pick

May 2021

Kiera playing her Cello as the classes enter the Church for AOW.

NSPCC Number Day

April 21

March 2021

Squirrels have been enjoying and  exploring magnets and completing investigations. 

First draft of pupils stories.

Pastels – Turner


Andy Warhol Pop Art




Years 4, 5 and 6

May 22 – Have been learning about animals and food chains. 

October 2021 – Harvest

June 2021 Climate Day Litter pick

May 21 – Working together to use compasses and maps. 

March 2021

Making cakes for VE street Party.

Examples of some of the pupils poetry

November News from Badger Class

Sponsored Walk 30th September

Class arrangements are reviewed every year taking account of pupil admission numbers (PAN) and intake and may change.

Our current PAN allocation is 15 pupils per year group.